The outgoing section is also born in response to the growing demand of local users to be able to entrust, with safety and at zero risk, to professional figures of proven experience, that support step by step a  travel booking, ticketing, events as well as the organization of group itineraries on national and foreign territory. Blu Est T & T takes care, therefore, not only of the sale of holiday packages of the major national tour operators, but of the real construction segment by segment of the holiday sewn to measure of the customer.

It is in fact exclusive prerogative of travel agencies retailers, with technical director of many years of experience like ours, released from any form of franchising, the ability to operate, package and calibrate proposals travel for customers Individual or group, providing the professionalism acquired and certified, in order to give life to a personalized travel proposal,  Choosing in a competent way carriers, receptive structures and ancillary services that compose an original trip proposal and “sewn on to the customer”, following him at every step of the package composition.

For your next trips… entrust Us! Contact us for an appointment in our agency  Via del Vescovo 2 or fill out the form for the information request  ,we will be happy to give you an  immediate feedback.

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